SILOAM MERLE KENT (Henry, P. 1984)

The 1999 Don C. Stevens Award, winner for Best Eyed Cultivar .and the 1995 Florida Sunshine Cup winner for the best small-flowered or miniature daylily displayed in a national convention tour garden is SILOAM MERLE KENT (Henry, P. 1984).

Siloam Merle Kent Daylily
SILOAM MERLE KENT (Henry, P. 1984) is a bright orchid with deep purple eyezone and green throat.

Height: 18 inches; Flower Size: 3 1/2 inches.
Flower Characteristics: diploid, extended; Season of Bloom: midseason; Foliage Habit: dormant.
Parents: unknown.
Awards: Junior Citation 1984; Honorable Mention 1987; Award of Merit 1990; Annie T. Giles Award 1992; Florida Sunshine Cup 1990, 1995, Don C. Stevens Award 1999.

Photograph by Frances Gatlin. Reproduced from the Daylily Journal by permission of the American Hemerocallis Society.

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