RASPBERRY CANDY (Stamile, P. 1989)

The 1997 winner of the L. Ernest Plouf Award, presented to the best dormant and fragrant daylily cultivar, is RASPBERRY CANDY (Patrick Stamile 1989) from Floyd Cove Nursery, Florida.

Raspberry Candy Daylily
RASPBERRY CANDY (Stamile, P. 1989) is cream with raspberry red eyezone above a green throat.

Height: 26 inches; Flower Size: 4 3/4 inches.
Flower Characteristics: tetraploid, fragrant, extended; Season of Bloom: early, reblooms; Foliage Habit: dormant.
Parents: Seedling X Tetra SILOAM VIRGINIA HENSON.
Awards: Honorable Mention 1996; L. Ernest Plouf Award 1997.

Photograph by Pat Stamile. Reproduced from the Daylily Journal by permission of the American Hemerocallis Society.

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