2001 AHS Junior Citation Winners

The AHS Junior Citation is awarded for the primary purpose of focusing attention on new and unintroduced daylily cultivars that appear to have outstanding qualities and distinction. It should be clearly understood that this citation does not necessarily imply that good performance in various climates and soils can be expected. A cultivar must receive 12 votes to win.

The list below presents the 2001 AHS Junior Citation Winners

Coleman Hawkins - Dan Bachman
Michael's Magic - Jean Barnhart
Richfield Muriel's Double - Clarence Crochet
Love Conquers All - Bob Ellison
Stunned By Grace - Bob Ellison
Fireworks Extravagance - Katisue Herrington
Morning All Day - Katisue Herrington
Strawberry Cream Cupcake - Tim Herrington
Aaron's Dinner Plate - Aaron Joiner
Kay Day - David Kirchhoff
Intimate Apparel - Eddy Scott
Way Out There - Eddy Scott
Few Are Chosen - Leo Sharp & Randall Klipp
Greywoods Great Dana - Darlyn Wilkinson

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