AHS Daylily Ambassador Program
The AHS Daylily Ambassador program recognizes those clubs, businesses, organizations, communities, individual or groups of individuals that successfully achieve outreach to the general public by extraordinary effort in promoting the daylily. 

A club, organization, commercial business or non-profit, community/government, individual or group of individuals is referred to as an “entity” for simplicity.
An entity may or may not be affiliated with AHS. International entities are eligible for recognition under this program as well. Events or activities which are predominantly internal to the AHS community do not qualify unless they are involved with other groups and/or go well above and beyond traditional club outreach activities. 
Each entity is evaluated individually upon its own merit and effort in promoting the daylily since the activities may vary considerably.
It is understood that the entities have a shared passion for the daylily and promote that passion to the general public with their extraordinary and innovative efforts that may include:

Nominations for Daylily Ambassador may be submitted by an entity or the entity’s sponsor. In addition, they may be submitted by any AHS member.  New candidates may be submitted for evaluation by the Committee at any time during the year.

All nominations must be submitted using this online form. The PDF of this form may also be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed to displaygardens@daylilies.org.

Upon a positive majority evaluation by the Daylily Ambassador Committee, the entity shall be presented to the AHS Marketing Chair for approval, after which the recognition process may proceed.

A Proclamation shall be generated by the Committee for signature of the AHS President.
The AHS President shall also write a letter to the entity.

Daylily Ambassdors will be publicized in the Daylily Journal, the Email Robin, Daylily Enews as well on all AHS Social Media. Since recognition occurs throughout the year, publicity in the Daylily Journal will be limited to one issue, as determined by the editor.

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