I began this set of tutorials at the request of a few members of the AHS E-Mail Robin who wanted some pointers on using Photoshop to repair, fix, adjust and modify their digital flower photos. AHS President, Kevin Walek, invited me to put these on the AHS Web site since they are useful for some of our Regional Newsletter Editors as well. I hope you find them useful too.

1. Repairing Foliage in Images.
2. Removing Bugs, Pollen and Blemishes.
3. Blurring Backgrounds.
4. Color Corrections Using Variations Dialog.
5. Color Adjustments using the Levels Adjustment Tool.
6. Shadow and Highlights, Auto Color and Photo Filter Emulation.
7. Resizing, File Formats and Photoshop Layers.
8. Layers continued, making a Collage in Photoshop.
9. Photo "Finishing" - using Photoshop's Adjustment Layers to tweak a photo's appearance.
10. Using a Layer Mask to 'Fix' a photo.
11. Using a duplicate flower layer to 'fix' a photo.

I intend to add more tutorials, so please check back.

Tim Fehr - Eau Claire, WI AHS Webmaster

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