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AHS Tricolor Medal

A special award in the Artistic Division, given annually to an AHS member whose arrangement is judged best of the tricolor rosette winners of AHS accredited shows. Selection, by a panel of National Council of State Garden Club, Inc. judges, is made on the basis of photographs. From the award's inception in 1958 through 1980, it was called the Mabel Yaste Tricolor Award.
The 2016 Tricolor winner isĀ Frances Thrash from The Tidewater Daylily Society.
The 2015 Tricolor winner is Jackie Lundberg of Westerville OH for her entry "The Chinese Dance' at the Metropolitan Columbus Daylily Society
The winner for 2014 is: Betty Ann Galway, Tidewater Show, Region 3, Theme: Daylily ~ A Gift of Summer  Title: Sunlight
2013 Tri-Color Winner: Frances Thrash, Virginia Beach, VA
Tidewater Daylily Society
Theme: Dazzling Daylilies
Title: Angles and Stars
2012 Tri-Color Award Winner
The 2012 Tri-Color Award Winner is Myrna Clark, of Appomattox, VA.
Theme: Hello Daylilies
Title: Splash Of Colors
Tri-Color Award Winner
Photo by: Emilie Gahnstrom, used with permission.
Jess Danner 2011 Tricolor Winner (left)
Jess Danner

A panel of 3 National Garden Clubs, Inc., accredited Flower Show judges selected Jess Danner's 2011 Topeka Daylily Club Show's Design Division, Section 1, Tricolor Class A "Send in the Clowns" rosette-winning entry as the AHS Tricolor Medal Award winner.

Jess Danner is a long time member of the Topeka Daylily Club, Topeka, Kansas. He entered the Topeka Daylily Club flower show at the Fairlawn Plaza Mall in Topeka on July 9, 2011, where he won the tricolor ribbon.
(And also served as general show chairman.)

The show had a circus theme, "The Greatest Show on Earth." The design was in the class "Send in the Clowns." The striking background of red and white vertical stripes mimics a circus tent setting off 'The Clowns' which are Jan Joiner's bright yellow double AIN'T I SOMETHING.

Jess favors bright colors and geometric designs. He previously won the national Tricolor award in 2005. His mentor is Elaine Holmstrom, Region 11 Exhibitions Judges Liason, who has also previously won the national tricolor award twice.

AHS Tri-Color Award Winner and previous winners
2017 France Thrash Virginia
2016 Jackie Lundberg Ohio
2014 Betty Ann Galway Virginia
2013 France Thrash Virginia
2012 Myrna Clark Virginia
2011 Jess Danner Kansas
2010 Vada de Jongh Texas
2009 Catherine Hallmark Maryland
2008 Catherine Hallmark Maryland
2007 Elaine Holmstrom Kansas
2006 Andrea Weaver Kansas
2005 Jess Danner Kansas
2004 Elaine Holmstrom Kansas
2003 Ellen Spencer Virginia
2002 David Waters Louisiana
2001 Nancy Melder Louisiana
2000 Jerome Ridaught Florida
1999 Harvey Shimek Texas
1998 John Starbuck Tennessee
1997 Nell Shimek Texas
1996 Betty Randig Texas
1995 Nell Shimek Texas
1994 Gary D. Wooley Texas
1993 Helen Richards Alabama
1992 Nell Shimek Texas
1991 Gary D. Wooley Texas
1990 Nell Shimek Texas
1989 Delores Felch Virginia
1988 Walter Stackman Illinois
1987 Vera Smithhart Mississippi
1986 Audrey Lanier Texas
1985 Coleman MIlls Texas
1984 Margueritte Russell Texas
1983 Virginia Gregory Oklahoma
1982 Mary Reynolds Virginia
1981 Rena Humphreys Texas
1980 Agnes Westbrook Maryland
1979 Maybelle Dodd Texas
1978 Alice Wegenhals California
1977 Judith Paul Illinois
1976 Mrs. John J. Guice Florida
1975 Mrs. Jack Martin Virginia
1974 Mrs. W. Shelbie Dodd Texas
1973 Mrs. Coaston Meyers Alabama
1972 Mrs. George Morrow Virginia
1971 Mrs. Oliver P. Harris Texas
1970 Mrs. Oliver P. Harris Texas
1969 Mrs. Benton L. Herring Louisiana
1968 Mrs. J. S. Noel Louisiana
1967 Mrs. Isabelle Du Jardin Illinois
1966 Mrs. Dawson Copeland Florida
1965 Mrs. William H. Frost Kentucky
1964 Mrs. Martin McMillan Texas
1963 Mrs. W. K. Russell Texas
1962 Mrs. William H. Frost Kentucky
1961 Mrs. U. A. Young Florida
1960 Mrs. J. R. Spinks Georgia
1959 Mrs. Sam Parker Mississippi
1958 Mrs. George Richardson Ohio

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