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Round Robins are discussion lists.  When the AHS was founded, the Round Robins were a popular way of connecting its members who had similar interests. The traditional Robins worked though the postal service.  Each Robin consisted of a packet of letters from its members - the packet was mailed from member to member. As each Robin member got the packet, they would read all the letters, then remove their own previous letter, write a new one, and send the packet on to the next member.  Eventually, like the Robins in the spring, the packet would return home to the Robin Leader and the cycle would go on.

There are still some traditional Robins running, please contact the AHS Round Robins chair, Judie Branson at: roundrobins@daylilies.org to see which of these may be looking for new members, or if you would be intersted in starting a new Robin on a specific area of interest.

E-Mail Robins

The E-Mail Robins begain in 1994 with the general interest AHS E-Mail Robin.  Since then many other E-Mail Robins have sprung up to dicsuss specific aspects of daylilies and related information.

AHS Affiliated E-mail robins: Contact group leaders for more information about how to join these groups. Or contact Round Robins Chair, Judie Branson at: roundrobins@daylilies.org

To see E-mail Robin guidelines and further information, click http://www.daylilies.org/Guidelines/

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