A.D. Roquemore Photo Award

Given annually for the best slide of a daylily clump from 1975 through 2010.
This award has now been discontinued. It was replaced with the multi-bloom image award in 2011.

2010 Winner - Jim Jeffcoat - Region 15

Roquemore Award Image
'Baby Boomer's Baby' by Tim Herrington. Photo by Jim Jeffcoat, used with permission.

• The award is presented for the best digital image, photo or slide of a cultivar clump showing the foliage, the scapes, and the flowers to give a total picture. A clump is defined as having a minimum of three divisions and three blooms.

• Subject daylilies shall have been registered during the past seven years. Flower color and form must be true to cultivar. Growth habit of the plant shall be typical for the particular cultivar.

• From a technical viewpoint, all digital images or slides must be in focus and must not give evidence of computer manipulation or unnatural or contrived devices such as excessive filtering, or physical props. Where an established clump is growing in close proximity to other cultivars in a bed, a background screen will be permitted. However, it should be designed so as to look as natural as possible.

• Original digital image, photo or slides are preferred, but good copies will be accepted. Each digital image or slide will be submitted with the name of the daylily, its hybridizer, and date of registration.

Award History - 2010 was the final year for this award.

2010 Jim Jeffcoat South Carolina
2009 Don Unruh Region 1
2008 Ken Cobb North Carolina
2007 Earl Watts Mississippi
2006 Duane Hurlbert Ohio
2005 Rebecca Board North Carolina
2004 Earl Watts Mississippi
2003 Clarence Crochet Louisiana
2002 Barbara Watts Mississippi
2001 Barbara Watts Mississippi
2000 Ken Cobb North Carolina
1999 Frances Gatlin Missouri
1998 Jim Jeffcoat South Carolina
1997 Betty Harwood New Jersey
1996 Richard Henley Ohio
1995 Geraldine Couturier Tennessee
1994 Nell Shimek Texas
1993 Nell Shimek Texas
1992 Geraldine Couturier Tennessee
1991 Nell Shimek Texas
1990 Patricia Steinborn Missouri
1989 Geraldine Couturier Tennessee
1988 Geraldine Couturier Tennessee
1987 Geraldine Couturier Michigan
1986 Dennis Westbrook Colorado
1985 Mildred Schlumpf Texas
1984 Mable Nelson Texas
1983 Carl Orndorff Maryland
1982 David Platt Illinois
1981 Janice Chesnik California
1980 Luke Senior, Jr. Arkansas
1979 Paul Botting Maryland
1978 Edna Lankart Texas
1977 Barbara Mitchell Georgia
1976 Mavis Smith Missouri
1975 Joan Senior Arkansas

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