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Mildred Schlumpf
Mildred Schlumpf Photograph 1905 - 1992

Mildred Schlumpf established the AHS Photography Awards in 1969 in honor of her late husband, Robert Way Schlumpf, who was an excellent photographer and daylily enthusiast. Mildred wished to stimulate interest in good photography and build up the AHS Slide Library. The Robert Way Schlumpf Award was presented annually in each of two categories, the best slide of an individual daylily bloom and the best slide of a daylily landscape. The winning slides were made part of the AHS Slide Library. The awards were two engraved silver trays and were first presented in 1970. The awards were renamed in Mildred’s honor as the Mildred Schlumpf Award after her death.

Mildred served as the AHS Slide Librarian for many years, and was responsible for many of the daylily programs that were once rented by clubs. She always took two slides, one for herself and one for the AHS Library. She was an excellent photographer, and her huge collection of daylily slides were donated to the AHS Slide Library after her death. Many of those bloom slides are now being digitized for use by the Historic Daylily Committee, which is evaluating historic cultivar images for placement on the AHS online database.

In 1983, Mildred was honored as the recipient of the Helen Field Fischer Award for her service to AHS.

She loved daylilies so much that she had daylilies carved on her tombstone.

– Courtesy AHS Archives

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Mildred Schlumpf Photography Awards
(formerly Robert Way Schlumpf Award)

Given annually for the best color photograph in each of two categories: single bloom and landscape (below). Winners are chosen by committee.

2017 Mildred Schlumpf Award - single bloom:
Winner: John Stahl for his image of 'Heavenly Sudden Impact'.

2016 Mildred Schlumpf Award - single bloom:

Winner: John Stahl 'Purple Tarantula'  (Gossard, 2011)

2015 Mildred Schlumpf Award - single bloom:

Winner: Louise Taylor - Daylily is 'Velvet Throne’ (Petit, 2009)

2014 Mildred Schlumpf Award - single bloom:

Green Inferno
Winner: Claude Carpenter.  The daylily is 'Green Inferno'. used with permission

2017 John Stahl New York
2016 John Stahl New York
2015 Louise Taylor Michigan
2014 Claude Carpenter Georgia
2013 Debi Kral New York
2012 John Stahl New York
2011 Chris Petersen New York
2010 Patrick Stamile Florida
2009 Oliver Billingslea Alabama
2008 Terri Money Alabama
2007 Debbie Hurlbert Ohio
2006 Duane Hurlbert Ohio
2005 Duane Hurlbert Ohio
2004 Earl Watts Mississippi
2003 Kay Day Missouri
2002 Mary Gage Texas
2001 Oliver Billingslea Alabama
2000 Clint Barnes Oklahoma
1999 Gene Koonce Texas
1998 Gene Koonce Texas
1997 Clarence Crochet Louisiana
1996 Gene Koonce Texas
1995 Patricia Crooks Henley Ohio
1994 Sharon Fitzpatrick Ohio
1993 Bryant Millikan Indiana
1992 Patricia Steinborn Missouri
1991 Les Hegeman New York
1990 Patricia Steinborn Missouri
1989 Patricia Steinborn Missouri
1988 Luke Senior, Jr. Arkansas
1987 Geraldine Couturier Michigan
1986 Geraldine Couturier Michigan
1985 William Lachman Massachusetts
1984 William Lachman Massachusetts
1983 Brian Lazarus Maryland
1982 Mable Nelson Texas
1981 William Lachman Massachusetts
1980 Mary Anne Ater Texas
1979 Joan Senior Arkansas
1978 Joan Senior Arkansas
1977 Roderick Spurr Massachusetts
1976 Joan Senior Arkansas
1975 Harvey Horne North Carolina
1974 Ken Henson Texas
1973 Ken Henson Texas
1972 Frances Lamb Kentucky
1971 Frances Lamb Kentucky
1970 Edna Lankart Texas

2017 Mildred Schlumpf Award - Landscape:

2017 Winner: Susan Okrasinski for her image of Blue Ridge Daylilies.

2016 Mildred Schlumpf Award - Landscape:

Winner: Debbie Monbeck, Avon Garden, Indiana

2015 Mildred Schlumpf Award - Landscape:

Winner: Claude Carpenter - Carpenter Garden (Region 5)

2014 Mildred Schlumpf Award - Landscape:

Paul Owen (Region 15)
Slightly Different Nursery, Polksville, NC

Slightly Different Nursery
Winner: Paul Owen, used with permission.


2016 Debbie Monbeck Kentucky
2015 Claude Carpenter Georgia
2014 Paul Owen North Carolina
2013 Christine Petersen New York
2012 Christine Petersen New York
2011 Bobbie Brooks Massachusetts
2010 Oliver Billingslea Alabama
2009 Susan Okrasinski Region 10
2008 Kim Walters New Hampshire
2007 Christine Petersen New York
2006 Duane Hurlbert Ohio
2005 Kyle Billadeau Minnesota
2004 Kelly Riggs Missouri
2003 Debbie Hurlbert Ohio
2002 Barbara Watts Mississippi
2001 Oliver Billingslea Alabama
2000 No Award

1999 Geraldine Couturier Tennessee
1998 Jerry Benser Wisconsin
1997 Bobby Castlebury Texas
1996 Kenneth Cobb North Carolina
1995 Bobby Castlebury Texas
1994 John Eiseman Missouri
1993 Bill Watson North Carolina
1992 Patricia Steinborn Missouri
1991 Nell Shimek Texas
1990 Nell Shimek Texas
1989 Joan Blagbrough Massachusetts
1988 Patricia Steinborn Missouri
1987 Pat Mercer Georgia
1986 Ashton Johnston Alabama
1985 Stanley Saxton New York
1984 Robert Koffler Pennsylvania
1983 Robert Koffler Pennsylvania
1982 Mable Nelson Texas
1981 Mable Nelson Texas
1980 Luke Senior, Jr. Arkansas
1979 Sarah Sikes Alabama
1978 Paul Botting Maryland
1977 Trudy Petree Georgia
1976 Barbara Mitchell Georgia
1975 Joan Senior Arkansas
1974 Edna Lankart Texas
1973 Stanley Saxton New York
1972 Joseph Hendricks North Carolina
1971 Edna Lankart  Texas
1970 Edna Lankart  Texas

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