Lazarus Memorial Award
Brian J. Lazarus was born in Brooklyn in 1941. He married Judith Tobin in McLean, Virginia, in 1971. He worked as a school psychologist for Prince George's County, Maryland for 30 years. He passed away August 26, 2001 in Davidsonville, Maryland.

Both he and Judith were active in the AHS for many years. Brian was also a board member of the National Capital Daylily Club, held office in the Iris Society, was a judge for the Daffodil Society, and was a Hosta Society member, as well. He was also a member of the Free State Daylily Society and the Northern Virginia Daylily Society.

The Lazarus Memorial Award was begun in 1986 and awarded for the first time at the 1987 AHS National Convention in Washington, D.C. This award, presented by Brian and Judy Lazarus in memory of their son Devin,

recognized the enormous potential of the video medium for presenting the story of daylilies. The recipient would receive an original piece of art work.

The Lazarus Memorial Award was initially established for a trial period of three years. However, by mutual agreement it was extended for an indefinite period. Judith Lazarus still donates the award each year. The following rules are specific to the award:

  • The subject must be predominantly daylily related. Educational, artistic, and entertainment values will be considered by the judges.
  • All entrants must have played a major role in the production of the video.
  • The medium may be any popularly used video recording medium. There is no running time limitation, but the intent is to produce a program running from fifteen minutes to an hour. A narrated soundtrack is preferred.

The award has been changed from honoring the son to honoring Brian Lazarus, as well. Many of the award-winning videos now reside in the AHS Archives.

-- Courtesy of Betsey Clark and the AHS Archives

2015 Winner: for her video “Exhibitions for the Enthusiast", the winner is Nikki Schmith.

May be given annually for the best video recording of a presentation relating to daylilies.
1986 David Riseman Massachusetts
1991 Kenneth Johnson Florida
1993 Dan Bachman Ohio
1995 Kenneth Johnson Florida
1996 Tom Nichols Pennsylvania
1999 David Silber New York
2000 Sharon Fitzpatrick Ohio
2002 Bobby Baxter North Carolina
2003 Bobby Baxter North Carolina
2004 Bobby Baxter North Carolina
2005 Jay Laundré Mississippi
2006 Jay Laundré Mississippi
2007 Jay Laundré Mississippi
2008 Charles Dorsey Ohio
2009 No winner  
2010 Charles Dorsey Ohio
2011 Kathleen Nordstrom North Dakota
2012 Charles Dorsey - video HERE Ohio
2014 Charles Dorsey - video HERE Ohio
2015 Nikki Schmith - video HERE Illinois
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