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The Lambert-Webster Award

This award, a bronze medal, was established by the AHS board to stimulate interest in and to foster the development of a class of daylilies whose length to width ratio puts them outside the Spider or Spider Variant class of daylilies and to honor the memories of two hybridizers who were pioneers in this area: John Lambert in diploids, and Richard Webster in tetraploids. Eligible cultivars must be registered in the Unusual Form class and are defined by the following specific forms: Crispate (pinched, twisted or quilled floral segments); Cascading (narrow curling or cascading segments); and Spatulate (segments markedly wider at the ends). The award is given annually based on votes by Garden Judges.

Dr. John Ralph Lambert was born on October 19, 1916, in New Windsor, Maryland. He died on July 14, 1994, in Raleigh, North Carolina. He and his wife Dorothy had grown up together, married, and both became teachers. He served in the Navy in 1942-44 at a base in San Bruno, California, then received his bachelor’s degree at Western Maryland College, his doctorate in History at Princeton, and settled down to teach social studies at North Carolina State University.

His home and gardens were named “The Hermitage.” Dr. Lambert bred for “breaks,” not deciding on a long range goal and doggedly sticking to it. According to Bob Schwarz, “[Dick Webster] and John Lambert went against the prevailing winds out of Florida that, at that time, mandated that breeders all go for 24” round and ruffled CVs.” Dr. Lambert was known for speaking his mind and had some problems with the AHS Registrar in regard to naming standards. He was the first person from AHS Region 15 to receive the Bertrand Farr Silver Medal. Towards the end of his career he became estranged from the AHS.

Richard L. Webster, Jr. was born in Alabama, on May 17, 1916. He died on November 12, 1997, in Arab, Alabama. Webster’s gardens were in his back yard in the mountains of North Alabama. The unique climate of hot summers and cold winters made for hardy daylilies.

He was a pioneer in the development of tetraploid daylilies, but like Dr. Lambert he did not go with the prevailing fad and concentrated on Spiders. At this time there was not a separate class for Unusual Forms. His daylilies did not always meet the 4/1 ratio that was the rule for Spiders. He thought this was unfair for tetraploids and was at odds with the AHS about it. He did register many of his longish petaled crispates as 4/1 Spiders. After he passed away they were properly placed on the Unusual Forms list. His Unusual Form Hemerocallis ‘Webster’s Pink Wonder’ won the 2014 Stout Silver Medal.

It is ironic that both of these men had a rather combative relationship with the AHS, but in deciding who to honor with the name of this medal, these two who paved the way for others breeding Unusual Forms were chosen.

Courtesy of the AHS Archives
and Betsey Clark

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Lambert/Webster Award
Annual award for the most outstanding unusual form. Voted by Garden Judges.

Christmas In Oz
2017 Lambert/Webster Award Winner 
'Sebastian the Crab' (Jan Joiner)

Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.

2017 Lambert/Webster Award, 57 Votes
  Best Unusual Form

'Sebastian the Crab' (Joiner-J.)
  Runner Up: 'Papa Goose' (Douglas-H.) 48 Votes
    Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.
 2016 Lambert/Webster Award, 83 Votes
  Best Unusual Form

'Firefly Frenzy' (Joiner-J.)
  Runner Up: 'Papa Goose' (Douglas-H.) 76 Votes
  Tim Fehr, used with permission
 2015 Lambert/Webster Award, 75 Votes
  Best Unusual Form

'Star Over Oz' (Herrington-K.)
  Runner Up: 'Scarlet Pimpernel (Ripley) 52 Votes
  Tim Fehr, used with permission
 2014 Lambert/Webster Award, 115 Votes
  Best Unusual Form

'White Eyes Pink Dragon' (Gossard, J.)
  Runner Up: 'Screamcicle' (Cochenour) 56 Votes
  Tim Fehr, used with permission
Christmas in Oz  2013 Lambert/Webster Award, 96 Votes
  Best Unusual Form

'Christmas In Oz' (Herrington, K.)
  Runner Up: 'Heavenly Curls' (Gossard, J.) 62 Votes

  Photo: Lea Ann Williams, used with permission
Desert Icicile 2012 Lambert/Webster Award, 89 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'Desert Icicle' (Roberts, N.)
  Runner Up: 'Christmas in Oz' (Herrington, K.) 58 Votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission
Margo Reed Indeed 2011 Lambert/Webster Award, 98 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'Margo Reed Indeed' (Murphy-J.P.)
  Runner Up: 'Desert Icicle' (Roberts-N.) 93 Votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission
Brer Rabbit's Baby 2010 Lambert/Webster Award, 58 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'Brer Rabbit's Baby' (Roberts-N.)
  Runner Up: 'Heavenly Curls' (Gossard) 56 Votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission
Heavenly Angel Ice 2009 Lambert/Webster Award, 110 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'Heavenly Angel Ice' (Gossard)
  Runner Up: 'Fluttering Beauty' (Joiner, J.) 47 Votes

  Photo: Rich Rosen, used with permission.
Thin Man 2008 Lambert/Webster Award, 108 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'Thin Man' (Trimmer)
  RUNNER UP: 'Desert Icicle' (Roberts, N.) 92 Votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.
NWD 2007 Lambert/Webster Award, 144 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'North Wind Dancer' (Schaben)
  RUNNER UP: 'Desert Icicle' (Roberts, N.) 91 Votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.
Spider Miracle

2006 Lambert/Webster Award, 124 Votes
Best Unusual Form

'Spider Miracle' (Hendricks, W.)
  RUNNER UP: 'Desert Icicle' (Roberts, N.) 112 Votes

  Photo: Chris Peterson, used with permission.

Lambert/Webster Award Winners

2015 STAR OVER OZ Herrington-K.
2013 CHRISTMAS IN OZ Herrington-K.
2012 DESERT ICICLE Roberts-N.
2010 BRER RABBIT'S BABY Roberts-N.
2008 THIN MAN Trimmer
2006 SPIDER MIRACLE Hendricks-W.
2005 FRILLY BLISS Joiner-J.
2003 LOLA BRANHAM Burkey
2002 RUBY SPIDER Stamile
2001 PRIMAL SCREAM Hanson-C.
2000 JAN'S TWISTER Joiner-J.

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