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  • Daylily E-News is sent quarterly: March, June, September and December. We may also send special editions as needed.          

  • We will limit the number of ads per issue so as not to overwhelm our readers. We will feature a large ad space (about 400 pixels wide) in the main body of the e-newsletter and sidebar ad spaces (each about 100 pixels wide).

Fee structure for sponsorship ads for Daylily E-News:

  • 1 large ad space: $50 per year (4 issues)
  • 1 sidebar ad: $25 per year (4 issues).

  • Our sponsorship rates are subject to change based upon the number of subscribers.

Guidelines for placing sponsorship ads:

  • The ads need to be related to gardening, preferably to an aspect of daylilies.

  • Ads may include individual names, company names, mailing addresses, and direct links to email addresses and websites.

  • You may submit graphics for ads, including photos of flowers, gardens, people, etc. E-news images are in JPEG format. If you send other formats, we will convert them and color shifts may occur. We will not be able to perform color correction.

  • Images will be resized as needed to fit a particular ad space.

  • Layout and design of an ad is constrained by the e-newsletter template we use with our service provider, Constant Contact.

  • If you prefer, you may submit a complete ad layout as a JPEG graphic (up to a 400-pixel wide image for the large ad and up to a 100-pixel wide image for the sidebar). However, keep in mind that if you submit your ad as a single image, we can link only the entire graphic to a website. We would be unable to create a specific link for an email address, a single bloom, etc., contained within the graphic.

  • All ads are subject to approval by the editors. AHS reserves the right to edit or reject items it deems as unsuitable.

  • Once we reach an agreement with a sponsor for ad spaces, we will send you the amount you should pay to AHS. Payments will be sent directly to the AHS Treasurer:

Kyle Billadeau
2916 Spy Glass Drive
Chaska, MN 55318

Please make out checks to the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS)

Or, to pay through PayPal to the AHS Executive Secretary. please use the form below.  Please mention that you are paying for an E-News Ad in the comment box provided once you are in the PayPal form:

Your Name:  
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For further information about advertising in the Daylily E-News, or to place an ad, please contact our E-News Editor:

Jacob Braun, daylilyenews@daylilies.org


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