The AHS Logo and AHS Medals

The official AHS logo is a line drawing which appears below.

AHS 550 logo

The daylily depicted on the face of the logo and the AHS medalsl is Hemerocallis 'Green Valley' (Fischer, H.A. 1959). H. 'Green Valley' was awarded the AHS Junior Citation in 1957, Honorable Mention in 1959, Award of Merit in 1962, and Lenington All-American Award in 1973.

AHS Medals have the AHS Logo on the front and the award and the winner's name engraved on the back.


The medal was designed in 1961. This photograph of the AHS Medal compliments of Tom Jenkins of the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas. Photo taken about 1994-1995. This .GIF file was created by our first AHS Webmaster, Binion Amerson, of Dallas, TX. All other images of the medal that appear on the AHS site and in many AHS publications today have been derived from this image by the current webmaster, Tim Fehr, and probably others.

AHS Newsletter editors and others wishing to have copies of the Logo and Medal image may download them below as a .zip file. This file contains a variety of graphics in a number of sizes and formats, including three 300 dpi .tiff files, 5 .jpg files and a vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator™ format.

This download is just under 2 Mb. Download the file HERE.

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