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Photos: Chris Petersen & Kathleen Nordstrom
Used with permission.


• What is a Garden Judge?
Garden judges learn to perform consistent and impartial evaluation of daylily performance in garden settings. Based on observations in their own region or a national convention, garden judges vote the AHS Awards and Honors ballot. Results of this voting focuses attention on daylilies which many garden judges consider outstanding garden performers in their regions.

• Why should I consider becoming a Garden Judge?
If you are highly interested in daylilies and want to learn more about them, you should consider becoming a garden judge. Garden judges learn to look at the “whole plant” in evaluating what makes a great garden plant. Some of the areas judges are trained to evaluate are: foliage, plant vigor, scape height, bud placement, overall beauty and distinction of the bloom and plant, resistance to disease, form, and bloom substance. As a garden judge, you are encouraged to grow a representative sampling of all forms and types of daylilies so that you can better train your eyes to recognize outstanding plant performance as well as gain knowledge of the various forms of daylilies.

• What are the steps I need to follow to become a garden judge?

  o You must have been a member of AHS for at least 12 continuous months to begin training. To become a garden judge, you must have been an AHS member in good standing for 24 continuous months.

o You must successfully complete both Workshop I (classroom) and Workshop 2( garden).

o Once you have completed Workshops 1 and 2, complete a one page application to become a garden judge and send that to your Regional President.

o You must state (on your application to become a judge) that you are growing a representative sampling of award eligible daylilies and are regularly seeing large numbers of award eligible daylilies by visiting other gardens.

o You must have attended at least one Regional meeting that includes garden tours or the AHS National Convention within the previous three years.

o You must acquire and become familiar with the contents of the latest Garden Judges Handbook “AHS Garden Judges.” (any AHS member can download this handbook for free from the AHS Members Portal Garden Judges Materials page.)

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Whom do I contact for more information?

You may contact the Garden Judges Records Chair (gardenjudges@daylilies.org) or if you know your AHS region, you can contact your Regional garden judges liaison. This information can be found on the Regional pages of this website.

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