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AHS Flower Show Awards

AHS ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL <-- Click for current and previous winner listings

The AHS Achievement is an award given in Accredited AHS Flower Shows. The exhibitor enters three scapes of the same seedling, which are then scored by a Panel of 3 Senior Exhibition Judges. For a seedling to win the AHS Achievement Medal, the total of all three judges’ averaged scores must be 90 or greater OR the average scores of two of the three judges on this panel must both be above 90. The judges do not compare scores or consult with other judges when voting for this award.

OPHELIA TAYLOR HORTICULTURE AWARD <-- Click for current and previous winner listings

This award is sponsored by AHS Region 12 and may be given at any Accredited AHS Flower Show. The award is offered for these two classes:

.....Class 1: five different registered cultivars
.....Class 2: five different seedlings

A panel of 3 Accredited Senior Exhibition Judges evaluates scapes of five cultivar entries or 5 seedling entries using the AHS Scale of Points for Registered Cultivars On-scape or the Scale of Points for Daylily Seedlings On-scape without comparing scores or consulting with other judges when voting for this award. To win this most prestigious award, each of an entry's 5 scapes has to win a near perfect score in each of the nine categories of flower, scape, condition and grooming. Each of the entry's 5 scapes must achieve scores of at least 95 out of 100 points possible from each of the 3 senior judges.



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