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All photos by Nikki Schmith,
and are used with her permission


More than 550 AHS members are certified Exhibition Judges!

• What is an Exhibition Judge?
Exhibition judges are also known as “flower show judges”. They judge at Accredited AHS flower shows and work with other panels of judges (usually in groups of three or four) to evaluate various sections of a show as assigned. These judges maintain active memberships in the AHS, attend two classes, fulfill several pre-requisites and take written exams to become certified. Judges are passionate about the daylily and the standards to which they are registered. They are great students themselves, and are representatives of the AHS in every way.

• Why should I consider becoming an Exhibition Judge?
If you have a high interest in daylilies and want to learn more about the characteristics of daylilies, including bloom size, bloom form and are interested in learning what makes a great show flower or what is considered a fault in an exhibit, then exhibition judging is for you! Many hybridizers and enthusiastic exhibitors also find that taking the judges training gives them an advantage in exhibiting and registering exceptional daylilies. Judging Daylilies is a wonderful study of the daylily on a very intimate, detailed level. A keen eye and ethical mind are required!

• What are the steps I need to follow to become an Exhibition Judge?

  o You must be an AHS member in good standing for at least two consecutive years to start judges training.

o You must successfully complete two clinics. These clinics may be offered by clubs in your area or at Regional and National meetings.

o To become a Senior Exhibition judge, you must satisfy several practical hands on requirements, all described in the Exhibition Judges handbook.

AHS members may download the Exhibition Judges Handbook for free from the Members Portal Exhibition Judges Materials page.

Whom do I contact for more information?
You may contact the Exhibition Judges Records Chair: (exhibitionjudges@daylilies.org) or if you know your AHS region, you can contact your Regional Exhibition Judges liaison. Additional information can be found on the Regional pages of this website.

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