American Hemerocallis Society Display Gardens

Fact Sheet and Garden Evaluation Form

This form has been developed to assist Regional Presidents and/or their designated representatives in evaluating gardens for inclusion into the AHS Display Garden program. As many AHS Regions cover a large geographic area, it is recommended that each Regional President appoint a committee to assist in evaluating gardens in their AHS Region. The RP of each region or their designated representatives should visit each Display Garden in their respective region at least once every two years. Gardens that are in disrepair should be encouraged to improve. The RP can request to the Display Garden Chairman that gardens with little prospects for improvement be removed.


The American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden program was established to display the very best modern daylily cultivars to the general public. Its purpose is to educate the visitor about modern daylilies and how they can be used effectively in landscapes. American Hemerocallis Society Historic Daylily Display Gardens have the additional purpose to educate the visitor about historic daylily species and cultivars, their beauty, and how they can be used effectively in landscapes.

Basic Requirements:

  • The owner or public garden liaison must be a member of the AHS for two years or more, and must maintain his or her AHS membership in good standing, to be eligible for a garden to be designated as an AHS Display Garden, an AHS Historic Daylily Display Garden, or both.
  • Although the number of daylily cultivars is not set, the garden must include a wide variety of daylilies.
  • The garden must be well maintained.
  • Plant markers should be maintained in good condition, with the name of both the cultivar and the hybridizer showing clearly.
  • The garden should be open to the public during bloom season.
  • Commercial gardens are requested to maintain a specific area designated as a Display Garden.
  • The annual renewal application must be returned by October 1.
  • A minimum of 50 cultivars registered in, or prior to, 1980 are required to be considered as an AHS Historic Display Garden.

To be added to the list of AHS Display Gardens and AHS Historic Daylily Display Gardens, the qualifying garden must be inspected by the appropriate AHS Regional President or his designated representative and recommended to the AHS Display Garden Chairman.

Following RP approval, the Display Garden Chairman usually approves the application if all AHS requirements are met.

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