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Loon Song Gardens

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Entrance Trail

'Ambrosia Rows'
'Ambrosia Rows'

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Love and Dazzle
'Love and Dazzle'

Loon Song Gardens

'Minnesota Sunshine'
'Minnesota Sunshine'

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Mike and Kathy Lamb’s Loon Song Gardens
Champlin, MN

Mike and Kathy Lamb grow over a thousand daylily varieties at Loon Song Gardens. A wooded trail brings the visitor to a historic area featuring outbuildings from the original 1860s farmstead, creating a picturesque setting for a collection of historic daylilies. Beyond the historic area, grassy paths meander among a series of landscaped berms filled with modern daylilies. Conifers, ornamental shrubs, and native boulders add a rustic flavor. Terrace and patio areas offer peaceful respite throughout the 4.5 acre setting. Kathy is also a hybridizer with many seedlings under evaluation. Her introductions include ‘Ambrosia Rows’, ‘Love and Dazzle’, and ‘Minnesota Sunshine’. Visit Loon Song Gardens at loonsonggardens.com.

Loon Song Gardens is the site for Garden Judges Workshop 2 on Friday, July 26, during the convention.

loon song

Loon Song Gardens

Loon Song

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