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A tradition at the AHS National Convention are the daylily plant auctions.  Some great plants will be available at the Convention Auction.

Live Auction—Thursday Evening, July 25

Take home some fabulous new daylilies from the convention!

Daylily plant auctions are an exciting tradition at AHS Conventions and help the local club offset expenses they incur as hosts.

Attendees will have a chance to bid on great daylilies. You never know what to expect, and our auctioneers are sure to add extra fun and entertainment.

Auctions depend on generous donations by many people and include all kinds of daylilies. As the auction draws closer we will try to list a few of the plants that will be available for bidding. When you arrive at the convention, a full listing will be part of your welcome package.

Donations are welcome!
To donate daylilies for the auction, please contact Mike Grossmann by email at Mike144mann@msn.com or alternatively by snail mail at Northern Lights Daylilies, Attn. Mike Grossmann, 22065 605th St.,
Dodge Center, MN 55927

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